Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What have I learned in Korea? - Taraa!!

[Katherine]:  Today is our last full day in the 'country' of Korea. I use inverted commas because I've never seen a country like it and definitely wouldn't want to see a country like it again!

As people know, I'm probably Korea's smallest fan (joint with my beloved). I don't think this is an unfair assessment as I gave this place and it's people about a million chances before I got fed up and became all bitter and twisted! It's a small miracle that I have lasted this long, and I'm not sure I'm a better person for it. You never know though, and only time will tell!

The whole year started out in the midst of hell up a mountain, in 'the Shack' in Ancheon. It's ended in Greg's one room in Buan, which I moved into in February, and comes via a frozen winter in the shack with no hot water and a frozen toilet bowl. It's not been a great year and I will certainly never return to this country (unless for like a million pounds), but hopefully it's not been all bad! I think now I've been through this I can cope with anything and it's also given me the balls (and the money) to finally do my MA after 6 years of procrastinating. It's also got me a fab boyfriend for the long term, and hopefully we can get through the rest of our lives now we've got through Korea! So, it's not been ALL bad! However, just because I'm a bitch, here's the list of things I'm definitely NOT going to miss!

1. The people (well 99% of them). I will not miss being glared at, gurned at, pointed at or yelled at when I am just going about the street doing my business.
2. People moving on the subway when I sit down like I have the plague.
3. The weather - whatever they tell you, this country doesn't have 4 seasons, it has 2 - FREEZING and BOILING :(
4. The job - my kids were mostly sweet but had no English level, and teaching them without any support was a nightmare!
5.BORSTAL - these kids were not sweet, and the teachers were a pair of bastards!
6. living in squalor not of my own making. (both in Ancheon and Buan). Sleeping against a wall for six months is not my idea of fun.
7. Having to smile when all I want to do is cry, and lying about my feelings for Korea, so I don't offend these Koreans.
8. The FOOD - it's dire, it smells funny, it's still alive, it's just gross and it makes me sick!
9. Having people take my hard earned money off me for absolutely no reason!
10. Having people tell me I'm wrong, when I'm soo right, and me having to smile and except it!

Ah, that feels better, anyway - farewell Korea and farewell blog, it's time for Suffolk and London and hopefully peace of mind - go England, I'll never criticise you again!!!

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